Fountain Hills Park

Saturday February 11, 2017 (Rain Date February 18)    10AM – 3PM

4 Sponsors in 2014; 36 sponsors in 2015; 67 sponsors in 2016; ?? sponsors in 2017


Proven Marketing & Sales Slogan  -  “Fish where the fish are.”

If you’re selling cars or anything car related, or want to reach an audience with high disposable income, this is the place to be as we certainly had schools of them in 2016 with 513 cars registered, about 15,000 spectators and 67 sponsors. Plus we raised over $90,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs.

The show is held in what is undoubtedly the most spectacular setting for a car show in the valley.

Thanks to two entrances/exits, and a simplified entry procedure, we were able to get all the cars in and out with virtually no delays and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. We are supported by the leading car clubs in Arizona. In fact we have been contacted by several car clubs that have not participated before but intend to do so in 2017.

In anticipation of even greater attendance we are making more changes to improve the show and especially to allow more space and less cramming for the sponsors. Plus we have some exciting surprises bound to generate a lot of interest from everyone including the media. We are also adding sections for off-road and military vehicles and will greatly expand the motorcycle category.

This is not a formal “white gloves” concours but rather a relaxed and fun event designed to allow enthusiasts to display their own vehicles and admire others.

In order to generate maximum attendance spectator admission is free. There will be a Silent Auction with all proceeds going to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale. If you wish to participate please let me know by completing and returning the form below.

Sponsor Packages – rates remain the same as last year.

Sponsors logo/name will be hot linked from our web site plus be on posters (500 minimum) and flyers (2,000 minimum). Right to set up a display area including tent or booth for retail sales – size based on sponsorship level. Please keep in mind that every single penny raised goes to the Boys & Girls Clubs as all the people involved are unpaid, but greatly appreciated, volunteers.

Title Level
$15,000   Negotiable
Carbon Fiber Level     $10,000 Up to 20 cars
Aluminum Level $5,000 Up to 10 cars
Ceramic Level $2,500 Display up to 5 cars + tent
Fiberglass Level $1,000 Up to 4 cars
Steel Level $500 1-2 cars

Please contact Peter Volny at or 480.773.7297 to participate or for more information.

Sponsor application


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Number of Vehicles to be displayed:


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Please note that a retail license is required for retail sales and is available directly from the Town of Fountain Hills for a fee of $50 at: